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i can't go back. hey. yeah. [ laughs
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night on "worldfocus" -- iran says it will low inspecto to visit its newly revealed uranium enrichmt site bu says it hasno intention of renounci its nuclear program. as the u.s.debates sending more troops fghanistan, we've got ll phone video that seems to sow afghan police ficers surrendering t the taliban, turng over their guns and vehicl. in the philippines anger towards the govement surges as nehborhoods remain iundated with wer after torrential rains. and we have a behind the scenes look at israel's small
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but fluential movie industry where there is newscaping reality. > from the world's leading reporters and analts, here's what's happening from arou the world. this is "wldfocus." mar support has been provided by rosalind walter and the peter g. peterson undation, decated to promoting fiscal responsibility andddressing key economic chaenges facing america'future. and additional fding is providedy the following supporters -- od evening. i'm main savidge. thank you for joing us. two da before iran holds important nuclear talks with the united stas and five oth world powers in geneva,t had much more toay today abo its newly dsclosed uranium enrichment plant including why it was builtnside a mountain next to a military sit as a potentl showdown emergs,
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iran's vice psident said that location was aimed atrotecting the nuclea facility in casef an aeria attk. he ao said that iran will set a time table soon f u.n. nuclear inspectors t visit t plt, seen here in satellite ima image, but he said iran isn bound to allow such ipections within one moh as the united states has demanded. and he defended the bilding of the ant and iran's nlear program. >> translator: this plantis to show thatunder no cirmstance will theslamic republic let itsuclear activity in various fids of technogy be stopped for evenone moment. >> this week's talk, as you might imagine, a topping number one on iran's television which aoreported that an's parliament warned u. against additional pessure just tw days aw from that key meetin in geva. >> as the debate over how iran
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intendto use nriched uranium continue there is another debate. is iran building a warhead for a missile at can carry a nuclear charge in "the w york times" reports a disagreeme between the united states and its key alies on wther iran is in fact designing a warhead. it's the american inteigence assessments that are kaush poups acrding to thetime, americ officials id that iran halted warhd design efforts 2003, a concluon they reached after penetrating ir's computer networks and gaining access to internal governme communications disagreeing withhe americans israeli intelligence officials say they believe that iran restarted design wrk in 2005 under the ordrs of ayatollah khamenei. the case is flimsynd circumstanti and that the raelis cannot docume/q claim. german intelligencefficials take an even harder line against iran. th say the weapo work never stopped. now, joining uss one of
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the ahors of thatrticle, david sanger. he's "the new york tes" chief washington correspondent a author of he inheritance: the worldbama confrts and the challenges to america power." on what basis are the united states and all these oter countries maki any of these assessnts? >> well, ty're lookg at two different things, martin. the first is how well isiran doing uranium enrichment? and there we'v got a pubc uranium richment effo at the one th inspectors go out of all the tim many intellince analysts believe if there eer is a weapon thatomes out of iran,ñ÷i it's not comin out of there. it's just too hvily inspected. so they've beenooking for a covert plant and they've been looking for severalears at this site atqom and no have declared that they believe t iranians are getting prepared to move in theequipment to do secret enrichme there. the iranians have now admitted
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that thiwas going t be a enrichment facility ough they say a aceful one. interestingly it's o an iranan revolutionary guard base. the second thing ishere they are on weapons producon. that's a much moreomplex issue because the u.s assessmen is that weapons design were halted in late 2003. the israelis say that it start upin 2005. the germans believe it never stopped. so why is there this wide disagreeme? >> you know, ielligence timates, like anything elsen life, you can l out the same set of evidence a have very differt interpretations. and i think that'shat's happen ihink post-ira the u.s. is using very consertive interpretationof the evidenc u know, generals always fight the last war. intelligence ancies always fight the last intelligence faile. and sohat's part o what's going on here. whereas, i think the germans,
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the isrlis, the french, are all taking a somewhat mor gressive position, which is interesting becaus it's the exact reverse ofhat happened duringiraq. >> in your artic you referred to alegations that iran is trying to build nuclear warhead. just to clarify, does that mean just a clear warhead on a missile, or are we talking about any type ofuclear bomb? >> you know, there are all dierent levels of complexity in t design world. the hardest thing to is to design a warhead tat would be ableo fit atop like shahab 3 ssile. that's versmall weapon. itould have to detonate at the right moment easier is tobuild something that onecould drop from a airplane. and then,f course, there what'seally the biggest ar. nothat iranud missiles at israelr europe something whereetaliation woulbe instant d obvious, but rather that ey would slip a apon to a terror group. and there you could do it with a
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fairlyrude nucleardevice. in many ways that's what worries intelligen analystsuch more than the classic cold war andoff of weapons that could be deliver by missiles. >> david, there so much more we could tk about onhe subjecbut time has run out. thank you ve much, david sanger of "the new york times >> thank you, martin those tks on thursd with iran involve the u.s. and five otheworld powers including china. well, today in china, a top amican envoy discussed the iranian and north korean nuclear programs. among other suects, with chine ofcials. details of those talks th dety secretaryf state james steinberg were not disclosed. but it is worth noting that ina has a close trading relationship with iran and its support will beey in the fort to impose new sanions against an. at brings to us t second of a series of intervie this week in which we look at how the world might respond to iran's nucleaprogram and the imposition ofsanctions.
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wee joined by john delury. the associate director on the asia center on u.s./china relations. welcom >> glad to be here. >> let me ask you first,ow significant is china'srade relationsh with iran. then how migh that infence cha's decision to go along with any tougher trade nctions? >> well in the grand scme of chins economic lationships, it's not thabig. but the impoant thing is that it is about l. iran is ina's second major source of crudeil surpassed only byaudi arabia and out on pa with angola. so at's a major natural source supplier for cna. thenumber two coumer of cude oil. and iran has the world'second largest reserves. so there's a compatibilit ther related to oil, there's a lot of infrastructural investment whether it's mostly inthe transportation section that china is putng money in, has over 100 companies active in
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iran. again, most of it related in someay to the flow of oil. but, you know, itisan importt economic relationsh and benecial to both sides. >> s even though it's possible th cna could suffer if there is these stiff trade sanctions that are put into place, is there any way tt china would go against, y, the will of these fivether nations? >> china not goi to be -- it doesn't want to be seen as the outliar. i don't want to be the only one so of defending tehran. it wants to be right in the middle. but it does have majorconomic interests does russia, russia and chinaorm a natural kind of bloc here. both of them a going to be pushing to waterdown any sort of sactions, the language. i think it depends to me extent reallon how bad the idence is against iran. and some of thishe public mighnot know, there's a whole bate going on among intelligencegencies around the world. to some exnt it will depend on
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what chi is shown d how convinced they are. so there's a measure of just how incriminating the evidence i but apriory, ey do want to sign off on major sanctions. >> china has veto power within the u.n. security council. there's a chance that itould exercise thata veto. >> china very much does not like toxercise that vetopower. >> h do you avoid that, though >> it's gog to be negotiating with the u.s., with the countries, probably in position close to ruia so that again you water wn, you migate thelanguage of any sanctions so that the's some kind symbolic -- with som re tm impact --sanctions language but it dsn't begin to fect the core economic interests. you don't cut off oil, refined oil sas, for example, toaa@nyuo. china's probly selling refined l. that woulde a major impact item that china wouldn't want to see included. >> chinswillingness to go ahead or along with sanctions
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against north korea, ishat any indicar to where they may stand when comes toiran? >>yeah, thewo o ixtricably linked china has gone along to some extent witthe budup of a more robust sanctions regime zbens north korea. that gives e u.s.nd its ies some room to say, look, you're already doing thi on your border. u need to join us to d this on iran. at the same time they don't like sanctions. they don't think in the long term they're effective. they don' think they're effective with norh korea. an they have a huge trading relationship witorth korea. it's really not their trategy. they'rdoing this to be a good player, they're doing to stay in the mainstream of the u.n. security council ando keep u.s./china relations on a good tact, but it's not their instinct. >> got to leave it there. john delury, thank you ver much. >> thanks for having me. in afhanistan, scores of civilians were killed todayy a
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adside bomb in theouthern part of that country. it hapned in kandahar provincewhen a busilled with passengers hit t bomb. at lst 30 people we kled in that explosion includingine women d seven children. 39 others were wounded. as the war escalate, militants have bn planting more d more roadside bombs intended to kill u.s., natoí4d. ahan oops. but the bombs end up killing far re civilians. as president oma considers whetr to send tensof thousands al troops to afghanistan, one ise was whetherafghan security forces will be able, eventually, to assume more responsibilitfor protecting the own country. with that mind, we were struck by a report that cme to our attention tod if our british partner, n, about the apparent surrender ofscores of afghanolice to the taliban in recent weeks. you'll notice in al thompson report how readily they seem to give up. >> reporter: thi video came to us from a highltrusted source
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kabul. this is baand province i the rtheast of afghanistan. what you're watching took place in the past three eks. there are a small number of armed taliban fighters present on this road,but they've not set up any formal adblock as such. over aumber of hour, about 0 ghan policemen came to this spot. and theyame here to surrender. theideo clearly shows the number of officers turng up to be disarmed by taliban fighters even thoh they vastly out number them 7-1. their ammo bts and webbing are removed as well as their weapons, all of which, of course, has been paid for by the west. and then the police officersre free to go th don't wish to join the taliban, it appears, but they certaiy don't want to fight them either. indeed, their demeanor if anytng seems one of outrht happiness and relief. it's not clear whyhese
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policemen laid down their arms cmly to such amall band of taliban figers. that's not.ç- all. the images also show a nuer of vehicles arriving andthese, too, we are told, wre duly handed over tohe taliban fightersere. there , of course, no way of independently verifyg these images but our surce has always been eliable. all this comes inthe week th the u. commander sa the entire fight against t taliban needsrethinking. or put bluntly, to will lose this war. >> that report from alex ompson of itn. two american sailors were killed todayn theouthern philippinein a roadside bomb believed to have bn planted by militants linked tol qaeda. a filipino marine was also killed. an estimat 600 s. counterterrorism forces were sent to the muslim sou seven years o to provide combat training to filipino troops fighting the militants in the northern philpines floong from a tropal storm that h manila and the
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surrounding provinc over the weekend continue to bri misery to hundreds o thousan of people and has left almo 300 dead or ssing. we wa toake you there tonight to showou just what it's le and how people are coping with the 450i ter. wayne hays is the suburb of manila. reporter: these people are coping the best th can. even in a crisis they can find a sme and some home comforts, but tre is also anger he. they say the gernment isn't heing them. >> reporte the residts here say they expect thisater to be ound for many more weekso come. the reason, they say is because local authorities are refusing to open a nearby flood control system becau of ncerns it wi cause probms in a nearby suburb, suburb which just happens be where the presidenlives.
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locals hereelieve the present gloria aroyo wants to st dry, theyave to stay wet. but they've t opeed the palace, ransforming it into rescue cenr to accmodate a few hundred peopl displace by the floods. for most, that is t little too la. criticism ofhe vernment's sl response to the cisis is growing byhe day. earlier this ar, they were proudly tling the people of the philippines ho they had graded their saster response systemsnd practes. to the people here, tho words mean nothing now. they'v created their own systems using whateverhey can get their han on to fey themselves and their positions out. the are some of t lucky ones who are ale to move about free. further insidehe city, there are pple still trapped, still waing for ssistance. and wle some are clearly suffering from a lack of income, for others, business i booming. those with makeshift boats are
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charging 100 pesosr more than $200 f a half hour's tranort. evenhough the wate is ceding they could b in businessor a while yet. wayne hays, al zeera, mala. that same storm, now a typhoon, swept int vietnam today with fooding and wnds of up to 90 miles an hour. people were reported killed and almost 200,000 wer evacuad. the storm weakeneds it approached neighboring laos, but rivers were still rising. blkouts were reported in some princes and airline ights we canceled. >>in sitzerland lawyersor film director ran polanski filed a petion in court to have him released from custody thre days afte he was arrested on an american extradition request. the case sms from his guilty plea to having se with a 13-year-old girl polanski fle the united states before he was sentced. the court will decde on the lelity of the aerican extradion request.
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yesterday we asked what you thought of the polanski case, ether after all tis time the director should be broughtack to the united states for sentencing. weeceived many dozens responses. the majority ofhem in favor of polanskieing returned to th u.s. one of our viewers wrote about the then young girln this case. shwas a chi, not capable to consenor understand his perverted sex. he ranway like a thief with a young girl's innocence. jail him for theest of his wardly self-serving life. but another viewer said that mr. polanski should not be pursued, not because of his cebrity, butecause he's nolonger a threat to the community. iould still recommend to not prosecute if he were an obscure pauper. the man is rehabilitated. all rig. for tonight's queson, we want to mind you of another story that's getting a lot of attention this wee the new coalition th will gove germany for the next four years. t onlyill that shift a bit the right with the free democrats partas its ma partner but the head ofthat
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party d the man who will become theice chanclor is the first openly kayperson to hold that position. with that in nind, we' like to know from u, is t united states ready to ele a opey kayan or woman as the vice present or even president? you can give us your opiniony going to t "how you see it" section onur website, and that's inally toniht our "signature stry." and it' sothing a bit different for us. 're going to spend t next three nights loing at the tersection of popular culture and politi in several countries. and we're going to start in israelwhere you mht notave known at there is aobust lm industry. th films are funded imarily th state grants even though the themes can be highly
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critical of the government a at odds with cnventional israi alues. as "worldfoc" special correspondent mart himel shs us, there's no shortagef real life material to stimulate israeli filmmakers. >> repter: seph cede is one israel's hottest dirtors and writer an observant ew, a former paratrooper,e knowshe bitter taste war and conflict. but he hastransrmed that taste into bittersweet films like "fore" which was nominated for an ademy award. efore" was an israeli military fortification in sthern lebanon. in the fm israeli infantr are ordered t hold the bunker while under nstant missile barrages
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from the lebanese milia. these fighters are awaiting orders to witraw fromlebanon, but casualties seem potless. they say your movies e about mountains, retreat and dealing with it. how is that so? the bgest issue that israel are deali with is retreat. and what do that retreat mn? what are we retreatingfro we're notonly retreati geographicly. we're retreang from a system of values that enables us t move awayrom physical geographal power to cultural, moral, ethc power. >> reporter: rreat is a controversia strategy th's still hotly bated.
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israeli troops withdr from lebanon in 20. ve year later israelquluny laterally retreated fm the gaza sip forcibly uprooting thousands of jewh ettlers. it w very traumatic. and became a passionate topic for israel filmmakers. they argue will sh withdrawals lead to peace or war? is it moral or moral to occpy in der to protect one's country? >> zionisms about a renewed existence jewsn a piece o land. the futu of ziism entail a jewish existence that ll not? th is something i very inrested. and i'm ying to find stori that investate that idea withou directly tohing a political issue. >> hollywood fantasy movies we go to in order t like escape
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from something. but when you g to watch an israeli mov, you co to think, you come to reallyee the light. >> reporter: unli european or american audienc the majori of mennd women he know the reity of rfare. many have rved in combat its. ♪ that is why ceder's films are so popular. there e no heroes, norambos, terminors, no jam bond-like aracters. wi few precious momen to rest i the nker, the soldiers let down their guard. emotions and weakness erwhelm them. ♪ suffering isnly pt of the israelreality. symbols and dres are also an
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ininsic facet of lif in the holy land. althese motifs are deeply embeed into israeli films. theemple mount in jerusam is one such symbol that finds its place in joseph ceder'sfilms. revered by both jews and muslims, eh claims the aea as their holy site. in "time of favor" two religious jewish activists dream of e day when they'llray where the shrines stand toy. it's a dream echo by their spiritl leader and rabbi. he takes his rabbi's vison too far and tries to blow up the muslim shrines.
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>> i've heardhat kind of etoric. i livenproximity toabbis who have that kind o power on theistudents. i have friends who are vulnerable to th kind of influence. so it's a ory about how -- how charis can sometim blind your mal sensibilities. reporter: it's not just in the movies. this tel avivemorial marks t spot where a jewis seminary student assassinated prime minister rabine in9 5. he was offerinthem land for pee. they had earlier warned th the penalty fo giving up the land ofhe bible i death. war versus retreat and compromise democracy versusheology. all rich topics, all hotly debated and vigorouslyxplored in israe cinema.
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for "wodfocus," this is martin himel in tel aviv. and that'sour program for this tuesday evening. a reminder to share your opinions wh us by visiting o website,hat's i'm mtin savidge i new york. thank you very mh for joining . we'll look foryou again back here torrow and any time on thweb. until then, ve a good -- caions by vitac -- major supporfor "worldfocus" has beeprovided by rosalind p. walr and the per g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promotingiscal '4. responsibity and addressing key economic challenges cing america's future and additional fundi is provided by the followin supporters --
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